Men! You Don't Have To Lose Your Strength Over 50yrs


Photo taken May 2023. 57 years, 11 months.

Bench Press: 275 lbs 3x - video recorded May 2023.

As we age chronologically, many of us accept that we are going to simply lose our strength and muscle mass, not to mention the rest of our functions.

Of course we're going to "lose it" at some point, but one of the things I have always been interested in is how to maintain optimal function for as many bodily processes as I can, for as long as I can. (More than anything, to prove that it is 100% possible.)

The Age-Related Loss of Muscle Mass & Strength

One of the things that has been challenging for a variety of reasons is maintaining my body composition and muscle mass. But with the right considerations, including adequate resistance training, I've been able to achieve this.

Though I can't do a three plate bench press, as I could through my 30's and 40's, I'm back to 2 1/2 plate press (275lbs), and gaining strength, not losing it.

So, here are the things I have focused on:

Eat Enough Protein

Of course I have focused on my basic food and nutrients ie. fresh foods, lots of smoothies, fruits and vegetables, and I eat enough protein! Yes, people vary in their requirements, but if there's one thing I see repeatedly in my clients, its eating too many carbs relative to the amount of protein they are consuming, whether vegetarian or otherwise.

Getting enough protein has been more challenging since I discovered I was dairy intolerant, and finally stopped using whey protein (after over 15 years). Whey is designed to make calves grow, and I always found it awesome for maintaining size and strength. But since I could no longer tolerate it, I have found hemp protein to be the best substitution, along with chicken, eggs, beef, etc.

Consider Colostrum

I also "cheated" on my dairy intolerance lately and got very good results  (muscle growth and performance) with Wellness Extract's Bovine Colostrum Powder, a true 6-hour extracted colostrum. I noticed it extremely quickly, but I had to quit as my gut couldn't handle it! If you are OK with dairy, I highly recommend you try it if you are working out and want to make gains. (Here's a reference, but I actually care more about results in the real world! [1])

Ensure All Nutritional Requirements are Met

I have always taken a good multi-vitamin mineral. I ensure my intake of vitamin D3 and K2, plus my essential fats, and probiotics. I take extra vitamin C, active B-complex, vitamin E, magnesium, zinc and calcium (in as few pills as possible).

Maintain Healthy Testosterone Levels 

Obviously, maintaining my testosterone levels (without replacement therapy) has been key, and for this, in addition to essential fats, I still like our all-natural Opti-TEST supplement the best. This is soon to return to our shelves! But for now, the closest supplement is CanPrev's Rocket T Testosterone Recharge.

Maca is also an excellent general hormone tonic.

Mitochondrial Health is a Critical Factor

Yet the story definitely doesn't end there, as many men might think. Maintaining my mitochondria has been key! (This is partly because mitochondria are the primary sites of the production of sex hormones, including testosterone.)[2] [3] For this I love our Cell Fuel® formula ingredients!

    Of course, the mitochondria are also the site of your energy (ATP) production, and hence, maintaining them is critical for virtually any and every body function.

    Estrogen Protects Mitochondrial Function

    Did you know that estrogen is also a mitochondrial protectant? [2] That's right, it is!

    So how the heck do you produce enough testosterone, without having it convert to reactive, aging dihydrotestosterone (DHT), giving you prostate problems...while also not having it convert to too much to estrogen, thereby feminizing you?

    DIM Protects Men's Hormonal Wellbeing

    The best thing I've found for this is DIM...diindolylmethane.

    Not only will DIM:

    1. Protect your prostate health by inhibiting DHT, [4] [5] but it will also
    2. Guard against insulin resistance,[6] keeping your gut and body fat lower. It will also
    3. Inhibit aromatase, [7] thereby modulating conversion of testosterone to estrogen, and
    4. Help estrogen displace testosterone off sex hormone binding globulin, thereby increasing your levels of free active testosterone. [8]
    5. Lastly in addition to protecting you from cancer in numerous ways [4] [5] [7], it will also make sure that the estrogen your body is producing is weighted toward the friendly, anti-inflammatory, mitochondrially protective estrogen metabolites, thereby protecting your energy! [7] (The list goes on, into thyroid for example, but that's enough for now.)

    It has been my experience that DIM (from cruciferous vegetables) kind of does a "tip-toe through the hormones", pressing all the right buttons...turning off what you don't want, and switching on what you do.

    Overall, I've found our Opti-DIM 150 Mg very anti-aging, forming another key aspect of my quest for this case hormonal health.(DIM should be taken with meals.)

    Here's to optimum health...for all of us!

    Onward and upward,



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