Here for over 30 years and still going strong. Optimum Health and Kolya were both founded on principles of purity, efficacy, and the ethical treatment of the planet and all life on earth. We believe that healing begins with a holistic approach. Our sources are chosen with these core values in mind and are carefully scrutinized by our wellness experts. Always learning and ever-evolving, Optimum Health and Kolya welcome your health and beauty needs! 


We love to learn and share knowledge.

If we don’t know something, we do our best to find out or connect you with a qualified practitioner! Our preference will always lean to natural, plant-based ingredients that are sustainably farmed and ethically wild harvested. Any necessary synthesized or lab-isolated products are selected from plant-based sources, with careful consideration for human/animal health and ethical standing.


We only carry that which we’ve tried, tested, know, and love.

And while we know we're not perfect—plastic bottles and all—we're striving to do our best to learn, grow, and improve. Always.

We are constantly updating our sources to ensure quality. We will never knowingly carry dangerous chemicals or ingredients that are harmful to living things or the environment. Not since our inception 30 years ago, and never, ever in our future.


We want to help you live better.

Have questions about holistic health? We want to answer them!

Get in touch and join the conversation.