Strategies for Convalescence After Long-Covid

DISCLAIMER: People often look to me and ask for advice regarding natural products, so when I find ones that are especially effective I like to pass the info on. Yet, there are regulatory restraints regarding what you can and cannot say.  Luckily, it is perfectly fine to share my own experience, so that is what I am doing in this blog. In the absence of a qualified practitioner, please follow Health Canada's guidelines. 

Often when people deal with serious viral infections, though the virus may be gone, the effects may linger for months or even years.

For example, many clients I see who have had Covid say "I've never really recovered from it."  They are still dealing with Long-Covid "shut-down," for which it seems workable solutions are hard to find. 

As we have talked about for decades, whenever someone goes through a severe bout of inflammation, one of the things that takes a dramatic hit is their mitochondria (the power generators of the cell).

From my experience, it is this relationship, where inflammation cripples the mitochondria and impairs the body's ability to use oxygen to produce energy, that switches our metabolism to anaerobic (does not use oxygen.) This leads to the generation of excess lactic acid, which predisposes a person to more inflammation and pain (particularly in the muscles and joints.)  Also, as we have talked about ad nauseum, since the brain is so dependent on oxygen, in such situations brain fog and dysfunction are extremely common.

These are the aspects I have focused on when trying to help someone dealing with these issues. 

Supplements which I Have Found to be Helpful, in order of importance:

  1. Cell Fuel® - to directly support the mitochondria
  2. GSH+ Ultimate Glutathione - to fortify this effect with glutathione and plenty of immune well as multitude of other purposes
  3. Opti-Elite Probiotics & Optimum Immunity - to calm an overactive (ie. over-sensitized) immune response throughout the body 
  4. Microencapsulated Opti-Vitamin D3 MAX 2500 IU & Microencapsulated Opti-Vitamin K2 MAX - though Health Canada's maximum recommended dose is no more than 2500 IU of vitamin D per day, unless a person is getting a lot of direct sun exposure at this time of year, as a practitioner I will often recommend up to 4 capsules of vitamin D per day, and 3 capsules of vitamin K. NOTE: We have always seen better effects with microencapsulated forms
  5. Opti-Nattokinase 100 mg - popular for resolving blood issues. Approved Health Canada claim: Helps support cardiovascular health.
  6. Ensure your essential fatty acid intake with a full-spectrum omega combination such as Synergy-3 Optimum Omega


*The below is real feedback from a client, June 2023.  Shared with  permission. Although obviously similar results can't be guaranteed for everyone, we wanted to share this because they are actual results that made a significant difference for this person, and we think it may help others! 

In late October of 2020 I was very ill with Covid-19.  Afterwards, I was diagnosed with Asthma, but that was only the beginning.
I returned to my usual work, running, cycling and early morning fasted-weightlifting.  Very slowly, bit by bit over the past few years, my health deteriorated. 
My energy was gone.  If I did a run, I would have extreme fatigue the next few days. Muscle and joint pain started, digestive issues, dizzy spells and random muscle twitching.
I could no longer do my favourite activities. I tried different diets - Paleo helped a bit.  I tried a Naturopath in late 2021 but all she could do was sympathize and experiment. I was sent to multiple specialists who couldn't help, but diagnosed me with Chronic Fatigue-Like Syndrome and Post Exertional Malaise-Like Syndrome. I stopped working in the Fall of 2022 as I didn't know how I was going to be at any given day or time.  It was very scary to be facing this at 47.
In April of 2023, my daughter recommended that I have a consultation with John.  I was skeptical as I had already tried the Naturopathic route and was disappointed.  She kept bugging me so I thought, "what do I have to lose?"  In May I made an appointment. 
When I met with John I was impressed - he had a plan for someone like me! He took the time to explain what was happening to my body and mitochondria after my 2020 virus.  He made specific supplement recommendations to add to what I was taking (GSH+, Cell Fuel, Opti-Elite Probiotics, Optimum Immunity, Opti- Nattokinase, and vitamins D3 + K2) and recommendations for the supplements that I was already taking. 
Within a week I was noticing a difference. I started needing less breaks between the tasks I was doing at home.  I started having more stamina.  I could grocery shop and food prep. I wasn't tired. A week after that I felt like I could go back to work!


 In June I returned to work. I have started running stairs once a week, biking once a week.  Last week I tried doing fasted early morning weightlifting - no problem! This week I am slowly starting running and that seems good, too.


 I am excited to have my life back after 3 years!! Words cannot express how thankful I am that my daughter recommended that I consult with John and how grateful I am for his help!
Thank you so much!

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